Behind the Defiance


Behind the defiance, a cold, empty space;

And I see it under the sneer on your face.

You say I’m irrelevant, dust on a shelf,

But with every word, you’re indicting yourself.

You rail you’re in charge and yourself you control,

But inside, you desperately long to be whole.

You veil with dismissal, and flip disrespect,

But your words reveal discontent you reflect.

While treating what’s good with eye rolls and disdain,

I see you attempting to hide from your pain.

The mocking, the sideways remarks made with glee –

But I know the target is not really me.

I’m not the real problem; I just play a part.

I’m merely a mirror reflecting your heart.

And it is not judgment that creates these rhymes

It’s sad resignation that these are the times.

And while the throng cheers at this upside-down world,

I’ll gladly take all of the insults when hurled.

It’s not condescension that creates this verse;

It’s fear of the truth that’s behind every curse.

For anger and apathy oftentimes hides

The emptiness that in a cold heart resides.

So I’ll take the bruises and every harsh blow

Because in the end there’s a comfort I know.

That even though now we may call darkness light,

The story’s not over, and truth wins the fight.

Yes, I’ll be a scapegoat if that’s what you need,

And inside I’ll pray that someday you’ll be freed.


Anatomy of a Thunderstorm – A Metaphor

Heavy, humid air

The weight of the impending storm

Pressing down, drawing out

The sky yearning for relief


Darkened, thick clouds approaching

Rich and deep, with the promise of rain

Rumbling in anticipation

Bearing down in preparation


And then…

The first flash

The initial burst that opens the sky

Electrifying the laden atmosphere

And lighting the way for what is to come

Fork lightning striking down during summer storm


By tentative drop

Sliding slowly down a window

Hesitant at first, each patter creating ripples

That flow into one another

Gradually increasing in tempo


Until the comforting steadiness

Begins to pick up speed

Constant, bouncing off each surface

Soaking the thirsty ground with increasing intensity


Until the lightning

Banging thunder

Pounding rain

Assault the senses and threaten to flood over

Pressing on and on, louder and louder, stronger and stronger

With blinding flashes and earth-shaking explosions

Overwhelming the earth


And then…the light

Breathing through the receding rain

Edging away the softening thunder

Quieting the rioting sky

Slowly, softly, gently



Simple Fantasy

More music from this new side of my brain…

Playful woman with lollipop

Like marrying a superstar or learning how to fly

Like winning Miss America or having skinny thigs

Though it’ll never happen, no it’ll never be

There’s nothing wrong with having just a simple fantasy


So if you figured what I’m thinking, baby don’t you fret

Cause a good imagination hasn’t killed nobody yet

And though I know I’m never gonna win your lottery

Just look the other way, it’s just a simple fantasy


Every woman I know has a simple fantasy

A little secret dream that she knows will never be

A wicked little notion that nobody ever sees

No need to worry ‘bout a simple fantasy


Now life gets lonely when your living on your own

And the years are passing and the oats have all been sown

And the path that you followed wasn’t everything it seemed

So you let your mind wander and you have a little dream


Now maybe it surprises you to have a secret fan

But baby it shouldn’t cause, damn, you’re such a man

And don’t worry, I know that you don’t belong to me

Just look the other way from my simple fantasy


Every woman I know has a simple fantasy

A little secret dream that she knows will never be

A wicked little notion that nobody ever sees

No need to worry ‘bout a simple fantasy



If I could


“If you could do anything you wanted right now, if you could live whatever moment you wanted to, what would it be?” He asked as they sat on the faded old bench.

She looked out across the horizon knowing he was just making conversation but wishing she could say whatever she wanted.  “Well, let’s see…”

I’d like to go fishing and catch one or two

To spend a few hours just talking with you

To know what it felt like if you were to take my hand

I’d like to pour you a drink or bring you a beer

To hear your voice tell me what I need to hear

To feel like a woman while making you feel like a man

I’d like to know what it feels like to be in your arms

To get drunk with kisses and, be weak with your charms

To take in the moonlight reflected in each of your eyes

If I could make a few memories and live a few dreams

I’m pretty darn sure you’re as good as you seem

I know it sounds crazy, I know what I’m saying ain’t wise

But it’s a wish I just can’t quite disguise

I see your expression, and I’ve said too much

But I must be honest; I’m craving your touch

I hope you’ll forgive me for wanting to feel you this way

You don’t have to answer, I already know

And though it’s not fair I don’t want you to go

And yes I’ll admit that my heart’s feeling lonely today

But baby, I’d like you to stay

Baby I’d like you to stay

Now please don’t you worry when you say goodbye

For my sake don’t notice the tears in my eyes

And though I’m not sorry, I know that my dreams are no good

But that’s what I’d do if I could

“You still here?” He asked, chuckling.  “Is that a hard question?”

She turned to him, smiling.  “Fishing,” she said.  “I’d love to go fishing.”


Ode to Endorphins

So I have been hitting the gym for three weeks

To tighten my abs and to firm up my cheeks,

To shape up the thighs and to slim down the arms

(so that my body will match all my charms 😉 )

It’s not the first time I’ve begun to get fit –

After all, I don’t always on my tuckus sit –

But as I have worked myself out every day,

I’ve remembered the magic that comes into play.

It happens just after that point of fatigue

Where you think, “This treadmill is out of my league!”

And when you push through it and vow not to cease…

In just a few moments ENDORPHINS release!

They make you feel happy and no longer vexed

(Though I don’t agree they are better than sex 😉 )

I’m energized, hyper, but comfortably “chill”

And yes, there’s no one that I just want to kill.

So hail to endorphins and muscles and sweat!

The more that I get them the thinner I get!


The Day After Christmas


Twas the day after Christmas, and all through my home,

Bits of paper still lay while my puppy dog roams.

The kids are still sleeping from gaming all night,

And FINALLY I’m seeing the sun’s shining light.

The water’s receding, though more rain’s to come.

And Dr. Who’s hiding the dishwasher’s hum.

I’ve posted on Facebook and played with the pup;

I’ll go to the gym if I ever get up.

This days for relaxing, the dog in my lap,

And then while it’s raining we’ll both take a nap.

At some point I’ll cook, and clean clutter galore,

While both of my kids play the game, Fallout 4.