Ode to Endorphins

So I have been hitting the gym for three weeks

To tighten my abs and to firm up my cheeks,

To shape up the thighs and to slim down the arms

(so that my body will match all my charms 😉 )

It’s not the first time I’ve begun to get fit –

After all, I don’t always on my tuckus sit –

But as I have worked myself out every day,

I’ve remembered the magic that comes into play.

It happens just after that point of fatigue

Where you think, “This treadmill is out of my league!”

And when you push through it and vow not to cease…

In just a few moments ENDORPHINS release!

They make you feel happy and no longer vexed

(Though I don’t agree they are better than sex 😉 )

I’m energized, hyper, but comfortably “chill”

And yes, there’s no one that I just want to kill.

So hail to endorphins and muscles and sweat!

The more that I get them the thinner I get!



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