Boardwalk Embrace – Part 5


Right after her mid-morning coffee break, the phone rang.  She smiled when she saw that it was him.  “He there.”

“Hey, hope you’re having a good day.”

“I am, you?” She got up to close her door.

“Great,” he replied.  “Listen, I was calling to see if you’re free tomorrow.”

“I should be free right after lunch,” she smiled into the phone and wiggled just a bit in her chair.

“Great, there’s somewhere I’d like to take you.  I can pick you up around 2:00, we can spend the afternoon, and then have dinner.”

“That sounds great, thanks.” Taking a pen, she wrote his name on her calendar for after lunch.

“Good, and be sure and bring your camera.  The view is worth some pictures.”

Sitting back in her chair, she closed her eyes.  “Now you have me curious…”

“I know.  Aren’t I terrible?” He chuckled.

“Just awful,” she teased back.  They reiterated the plans, and then they say goodbye.

She looked at her computer screen and let herself grin.  He’d said he wanted to see her again soon.  She was very glad it was so soon.  Where was he taking her, she wondered?  It must be somewhere with a good view.  He’s the good view, she thought to herself a bit naughtily. She’d been mentally reliving his kiss all morning.

At 2:00, he knocked at the door, and she opened it a few seconds later.  He was dressed in jeans and a nice t-shirt, and his grin melted her knees.  He leaned down for a light kiss and offered his arm.  “Ready?”

“Yes, thank you,” she smiled, slipping her arm through his.  She put her bag in the back seat, and they pulled out and headed for the highway.  She chatted about work, and he told her about a project he had started that morning.  When an oldies tune came on the radio, they both stopped talking and sang along to the lyrics they knew, making up words when they didn’t. She watched his profile as he drove – his arm draped over the steering wheel, his sunglasses, the way his head bobbed a bit as they sang.  He caught her looking at him, and she blushed and ducked her head.  Switching to his left arm to hold the wheel, he took her hand with his right.

He was right; the view was great.  They exited the car and began walking, and he steadied her on the uneven ground.  Once they were both settled, she got out her camera and began taking pictures of the view.  After taking a few pictures on the landscape, she turned and snapped some shots of him.  He smiled and shook his head.  “Come ‘ere, you.”


He took the camera from her and shooed her back a few steps, taking her pictures as she grinned shyly.

“You can to better than that,” he joked.  “Work it! Work it!”

She laughed and began posing dramatically, pursing her lips and making faces.  He was laughing too hard to hold the camera steady by then and he handed it back to her and hugged her once she had dropped it into her bag.  They walked and talked and then found a place to sit and just enjoy some companionable silence.  By the time the sun began to set, they were both hungry, but they were also a bit dusty from the ground and the walk.

“How about I pick up some Chinese and we go to my place?” He suggested.  “Or if you’d feel more comfortable, we could go back to yours.”

“You’re the driver,” she smiled.  “I’m fine either way.”

He pulled out his phone and punched in the number of the Chinese place close to his house.  After consulting with her and ordering, he took her hand again, and they chatted as they rode back into town.  She picked up her purse when they pulled into the pickup space at the restaurant, and he waved her away and got out of the car to retrieve the food.

Once they were inside, she asked where the dishes were, and she began setting his small table while he washed his hands and got the food out of its containers.  They sat and ate, and she complimented the food. It had been a while since she’d had really good Chinese.  She washed the dishes after they were finished, and he put away the leftovers and then headed to the den to choose a movie.  Settling on a comedy that was a couple of decades old, he returned to the kitchen and grabbed two water bottles from the fridge as she was putting the last dish into the drainer.  They settled onto his sofa and started the movie.  While it played, they laughed and shared memories of the last time they had each seen it.  As it progressed, however, they sat closer together and talked less and less.  By the time the credits were rolling, the movie had been forgotten altogether, and they were sprawled over the cushions, making out like two teenagers.

This time when his fingertips slipped under her blouse, she didn’t hesitate.  She mirrored his action by sliding her own just above the band of his jeans and stroking his lower back.  He pulled back and let his face hover over hers for a minute.  “I want you to stay.  I understand if it’s too –“

“Yes,” she said softly.

He smiled and stood, offering her his hand. Embracing her from behind, he kissed her ear and neck and then began walking the two of them to the bedroom.  Once they reached the edge of the bed, he walked around to the bedside table and reached for the small lamp that was turned on.  Then he stopped.  “Can I leave it on?” He grinned a little wickedly.

In answer, she crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her shirt, and pulled it up and over, discarding it on the floor.  Letting out a slow whistle, he did the same and then came to her again, and they were skin to skin.

A little while later, they were lying close together halfway under the rumpled covers, her head fitting perfectly into the hollow of his shoulder.  He played with her hair, and she ran her fingertips over her chest.

“I don’t want to take you home,” he said, kissing her temple.  “Will you spend the night?”

“Of course,” she said, raising herself up on one elbow and then leaning down to give him a long kiss.

He rolled her onto her back and then covered her.  “Lucky me,” he grinned.




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