The Challenge of God’s Holiness

This is another blog I write, and these thoughts just struck me this morning.


The core challenge of truly understanding God’s holiness is not that it reveals to us how short others fall, but that it reveals to us how short we fall.  This is why, for many, rejecting God altogether must be a great relief.

20i6om8“For it is written, ‘be holy as I am holy.'” I Peter 1:16

This morning as I was driving to work, listening to Mark Schultz’s “Broken and Beautiful,” the two sentences that open this post formed in my mind. Because really, when we look at God’s holiness in the Bible, especially as it relates to people, the focus is always on who He is and who we are to be.  He is our measuring stick.  And one of the best passages in the Bible, to me, that illustrates that is the story of the rich young ruler.

He comes to Jesus one day, no doubt dressed well…

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