Boardwalk Embrace – Part 4


As his lips wandered, she ran her hands over his shirt along his arms, shoulders, and chest. She smiled as he kissed along her cheek and jaw, and when he reached her neck, she had no doubt he could feel her flying pulse.  He settled there for a moment before traveling back to her lips again and kissing her soundly. She leaned further toward him, causing the back of her blouse to ride up, and when his fingers grazed her bare back, she inhaled sharply. She felt the pounding of her pulse in her hears, and she had to pull back to catch her breath. Her body told her one thing, but her heart and mind told her it wasn’t time, not yet.

He pulled back from her and smiled, smoothing her hair away from her face and kissing her forehead.  “If you wanna get us some more wine, I’ll see if there’s any good crap TV on this thing.” He reached for the remote.  She nodded shakily and rose, hoping her legs would carry her across the room with their glasses.  As she filled them part way, she looked over her shoulder at him.  He sat back as he turned on the television, and his hand rubbed the back of his neck as he exhaled.  Apparently he had been affected too.  The thought made her smile.

Handing him his glass, she sat beside him, sipping her own.  Once he had settled on a funny rerun, he took both their glasses and placed them on the side table.  He pulled her toward him, and they snuggled together on the sofa to watch and laugh.  He occasionally stroked her hair or arm, and she snuggled a little closer, but they focused mostly on the television set, trying to rein in what both of them had felt.  Her pulse slowed, her body relaxed, and before the credits rolled on the first episode, her eyes were growing heavy.

“Hey, sorry to wake you,” she heard a whisper and felt movement.  Rolling slightly, she looked up at him with bleary eyes, not quite able to focus on his face.  “You fell asleep.  It’s late.  I should go.”

Still disoriented, all she could to was moan slightly and settle more deeply into the couch.

“I’m sorry, I love to stay, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea.” He stroked her cheek and then kissed it.

That roused her more, and she sat up and rubbed her eyes.  He was right; it wasn’t a good idea for him to stay yet, at least not if they were going to try sleeping next to each other, she thought as she remembered his kisses.  Standing, she stretched and smiled.  He stood and drew her into a firm hug.  “I’d like to see you again.”

“Me too, I’d really like that,” she replied, pressing her face into his neck.

“Soon,” he added.  They walked to the door, he gave her one gentle kiss, and then he left.

One he had gone, she took their glasses and rinsed them out.  After turning off the television, she walked to the bathroom and washed her face, brushed her teeth, and savored the enjoyment of the night.  Instead of putting on her pajamas, she stripped down to her underwear and slid into bed. Rolling over, she made sure her phone was plugged in to charge, and she studied the screen for a moment.  Smiling, she keyed in her password, open messaging, and typed in a text:

I had the most wonderful time.  Thank you

Then she hit “send,”turned out the light, and went to sleep.



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