Boardwalk Embrace – Part 3

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Boardwalk Embrace – Part 3

He took her hand as he helped her out of the car, and as they walked across the asphalt, he threw and arm around her shoulders. They were laughing again, this time about some old television show.  She wasn’t sure how not to appear forward – these things were still a bit of a mystery to her – but she knew she didn’t want to say goodbye yet.

“Would you like to come in for something to drink?”

“Sure,” he said, smiling, and he opened the door for her and followed her inside.  She tossed her purse and sweater aside and slipped out of her shoes.

“You don’t like shoes, huh,” he remarked.

“I always take my shoes off when I get inside the door every day,” she replied. “It’s easier to relax that way.  She also typically “set the girls free,” but she wasn’t going to do that now, and she certainly wasn’t going to mention it, though the thought made her grin.

“What is it?”

“Nothing,” said.  “You thirsty?  I have some bottled water, and I also had bought some wine.”

“Oh really?” he said a bit teasingly, causing her to blush.

“Well, I like wine, and sometimes it’s nice to sip a glass in the evening.”

“Sure, I’ll take some,” he said, wandering around the room a bit.  “Thanks.”  He looked out the window while she poured two glasses, and when she handed him his, they clinked them together and each sipped.  She followed him to the couch, and they sat facing each other.  He stretched his arm along the back, and she was aware of her hair brushing over his sleeve.

Any nervousness she had felt over asking him in faded as they talked, sipped and laughed.  Occasionally he would pat her knee or give her hair a little tug, and somehow they gradually ended up closer to each other.  She couldn’t resist touching his face while he talked about something important to him, and he didn’t seem to mind.  Their glasses were empty, but she didn’t offer more because she didn’t want to get up or break the connection. Everything in her wished he would kiss her again.

Seeming to read her thoughts, he pinned her with a gaze, and after several seconds she felt so exposed and, quite frankly, breathless, she looked down at his hands. He had really nice hands.  He raised her chin and leaned forward, and she felt the butterflies spring into action again.

Taking his time, he kissed her very lightly at first, just lips brushing lips. He kissed every part of her mouth, from corner to corner, before finally settling drawing her closer. The kiss varied and grew in intensity, with that perfect unspoken give and take that makes kisses exciting. She felt hands in her hair, and she ran her hands up his arms to his shoulders, stroking his neck with her thumbs.  Finally, one large hand spread across the middle of her back and pulled her completely in, and her arms went around him as well. He smelled masculine and felt strong and tasted like wine, and she was glad they were sitting because her legs were like Jell-O.

One thing was certain; it was a kiss she would not be forgetting…ever.


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