Boardwalk Embrace – Part 2


They were still for a few moments, and then she felt his hands slide up her back to shoulders, and he pulled away slightly.  Her arms loosened, but she keep her hands against the hollow of his shoulders just above his chest, liking the feel of him. His took his right and and laid it against her cheek, sliding his fingers through her hair. Smiling at her, he traced his thumb over her lips, and her eyelids became heavy. He leaned forward, and for just a second she thought he would kiss her, but he put his mouth next to her ear instead.

“It’s chilly out here.  let’s go somewhere warmer.”

She nodded and let him lead her, smiling again as he held her hand for a third time.  They walked wordlessly to his car, and he helped her into the passenger seat. She smiled to herself.  Though she had felt a split second’s disappointment when he didn’t kiss her, part of her savored the anticipation before chiding herself that there was no guarantee he would kiss her at all.  She inhaled deeply and held it for 10 seconds before slowly exhaling. Careful, girl. Don’t let your imagination eclipse reality.

He walked around to his side of the car and slid in, closed the door, and fished his keys out of his pocket.  He slid them into the ignition but didn’t turn the car on yet.  “I forgot something,” He said.  She turned, but before she could ask what, his hand was against her face again, and this time when he leaned in, she closed her eyes instinctively.

His mouth felt exactly like she thought it would – perfect.  He didn’t linger very long, but her heart was still drumming.  He fisted a bit of her hair and pulled playfully.  “Much better,” he said, grinning, before he sat back and turned the motor on and fastened his seat belt. She looked straight ahead and resisted the urge to put a hand to her throat to calm the dancing pulse.

“Yes, much,” she heard herself say.



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