Evil House


Dearest Daughter:

Come back to town with your new husband.  I have bought a house, and you both may have it for your home.

She had reread the letter over and over and couldn’t believe their good fortune.  A grand new home for her new life with her new husband.  As they pulled in behind the moving truck, the couple looked at each other with excitement.  It was grand and stately…a wonderful place for a family.  They held hands as they hurried inside.

The neighbors were happy to see someone moving into the house.  A house left empty for years was bad for the neighborhood – an invitation to vagrants.  Several of them made it their duty to warmly greet the young couple and welcome them.  There was excitement and happiness and boxes and furniture.  A flurry of activity covered the property that first day.

When the moving truck reappeared two days later, the neighbors were confused.  Did a young couple just starting out have that much to bring?  And the house was so quiet – no sign of the couple.  What was going on, they all wondered.  Finally, a neighbor saw them coming out of the house and ran across the street to greet them.

What she saw stopped her short.  The happy couple looked gaunt and drawn.  Their faces were pale, as if they were both ill.

“Oh my dears, what has happened? You are leaving already?” She reached out to touch the wife’s arm but drew her hand back when she saw that they were both trembling.

“Not another night,” the wife whispered.  “We’ll not spend another night in that place.”

The couple hurried past without another word, climbed into their car, and sped away from the house.


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