Three Hats


Three hats hang upon the shelf

Each one represents a self

All are worn at different times

Which I’ll describe with different rhymes

The hat of white is soft and sweet

Its gentleness and kindness mete

Compassion, friendly words, a smile

That asks one please to stay awhile

It bows its head and folds its hands

And always – always – understands

It is the core of values strong

And sings a good soul’s solid song

The dark hat speaks of inner things

Of my mind’s secret wanderings

Not necessarily all bad

Sometimes just quiet, sometimes sad.

It contemplates, and weighs and thinks

(And sometimes cries when life just stinks)

It is the hat that few may see

Because it’s the dark part of me.

The hat with colors, textures bright

Is full of love and laughter bright

It speaks of passion, gives it wings

And sometimes leads to naughty things

I must admit that on its post

It is the hat I love the most

It makes my heart fly, gives me wings

And is what makes desires to sing.

So which hat do I wear today?

And which hat should I put away?

If I would view my life as is

Which hat is best suited for this?

I think for comfort and for care

The white hat must adorn my hair

I need to bathe in kindness soft

I need to hold my heart aloft

The dark hat weighs too much to bear

And sadness, no, nor deep despair.

The colored hat must be a no –

All dressed up with no place to go.

And so for now I’ll soften self

And keep the others on the shelf.


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