Royal Robes

purple flowers

If He clothes these in royal robes,

Provides them rain and sun,

Then why should I with questions fret

And from my trials run?

If, when a sparrow falls to earth,

He hears its tiny fall,

Then why does my heart wonder

If He cares for me at all?

He meets the needs of nature’s lowest,

Holds them in His hand,

And so I know He can provide

When I don’t understand.

My worries matter more to him

Than sparrows, petals, do,

And so instead of worrying,

I trust He’ll see me through.

Winter Cottage


When the air is gray with cold

And the ground the snows enfold

One stone cottage there resides

And within a treasure hides.

Though outside the grass has browned

And the wind’s the only sound

There within its walls contains

Colors left from summer rains.

Safe inside the warmth within

Petals soft their colors spin

Orchids, dahlias, lilies keep

During winter’s harshest sleep

Vines of green and crown of thorns

Blossoms’ tiny ivory horns

Kept in safety till the spring

Bells of sun and new life ring.

(photo taken on the grounds of a CT estate)