Ode to Hormones

Hormones. hormones, I hate you

You conspire to make me blue.

Your mean treatment is no fair

And look what you did to my hair!

Often you just make me sad

When my life is not that bad

Other times I storm and rage

Typing bad words on the page

Then you make my pants not fit

And I feel like a piece of ****

Ruffles, chocolate, pizza too

Cravings, all because of you

Once a month you torture me

Dancing round my pain with glee

Then you drop so very low

Making me cry “me…” and “woe….”

For about a week you stray

Giving me a happy day.

Then you just return again

Trying hard to steal my grin

Coming at me with your claws….

God, please send me menopause!!


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