A Faint Touch

This post evokes blissful memories

Siren Whispers


I am asleep

Yet on the edge of consciousness

There is a faint touch

Like a whisper

Fingers tracing the curve of my hip

Inching ever lower

…It’s heavenly

My body reacts

It starts to come alive

With arousal

I open my eyes

And look down

To see you between my thighs

Your lips caressing the pale skin

The sensation making me writhe

Our gazes lock

As you grip the cheeks of my arse

And place your lips upon my sex

My body arches off the bed

My arms

Instinctively going above my head



For something to clutch

While you ravage my senses

My response to you


Every touch

Every lick

Building upon the fever I already burn with

My climax mounts

A blush blooming across my body

My eyes are closed

 My head thrown back

As I abandon myself to exquisite release

My surrender

To you


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