There are many things that make a diamond beautiful.  But in my opinion, the more facets a diamond has, the more beautiful it is.

I feel the same way about people.

I have facets of myself that are important to me.  For many years in my life, various facets had to be or were hidden, suppressed, controlled, scolded, ignored, and otherwise dismissed.  I have found that as I get older, I chafe more and more at any hint that facets of myself should be a source of shame or should be left on the shelf.  Of course, being raised a southern lady, I do know that there is a time and place for most things.  I typically strive to live by those social mores and graces.  However, sometimes I am, quite frankly, more interested in allowing a facet to shine than in being prim or proper.

I can be a lady.  I can be genteel and soft and sit with my back straight, my ankles crossed, my hands in my lap, and my eyes lowered.  I can hold my cup with my pinky aloft and only take small portions and not smile too broadly or speak about things outside of “the weather and everybody’s health (See My Fair Lady 🙂 )

But sometimes I don’t want to.  Sometimes I want to laugh loudly and be silly and spunky and perhaps even sarcastic. I want to drink my soda out of the can and talk abut things I find amusing and be…well…less than my close to 50 years.  I may be middle aged, but  like to act young.  I have more and more energy the more fit I become.  I am social, extroverted, corny…And sometimes I even feel like a little girl.  BUT that doesn’t mean I want to be treated like a child; there is a distinct difference.

It is a wonderful thing to do things for others.  It is not so wonderful to be things for others.  And it is even less wonderful to feel you have to stop being things for others.

So even if I am too shiny at times, I’m not going to hide my facets.  I’m not going to hide the silly or the loud or the uncrossed legs or the need to sing or the mischief.  They are part of what makes me sparkle.


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