Choose the happy


Life is a big string ball of weird sometimes.

People come, people go, people can’t decide

You lose weight but you still have a “pooch”

Your coworkers think you are brilliantly funny

You want something right NOW that you might not even get later

The bills are all paid

The car breaks down

You can’t sleep

You sleep all night but have THE most bizarre dreams about escaping from a 1970’s drama set in a disco…with murderers

Your dream about someone you love and it’s a happy


HAPPY dream

You think you know exactly how to gt what you want

Except when you have exactly no clue what to say

You didn’t use to like cats; now you think you want one?

Laughing is great, along with loud music

And listening to the weirdest things on your kid’s iPod

The very weirdest

It doesn’t make sense to love

But you do it anyway because you want to and that is that

And sometimes that makes perfect sense

Your fingers and toes are crossed

And your eyes would be if you didn’t have to see

But you’ll work to be content if it doesn’t work

While you wish

So since you’re surrounded by all this weirdness

That will probably be new weirdness tomorrow

You might as well choose the happy.

And embrace the weird.


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