Morning Play


His early morning alarm interrupts her delicious dream, as it does almost every day.  And as has become habit, he completely ignores the beeping sound.  Shaking her head, she leans over him to hit the snooze button; however, as her breasts brush his chest lightly, he makes a sleepy sound, and she presses “off” instead.  He always hits the snooze at least 3 times….that giver her 27 minutes.

She takes her time moving back across him to her place again, making sure to slowly graze his chest.  He squirms a bit but still doesn’t wake.  Propping up on one elbow, she traces each of his eyebrows, his nose, his lips, and the ear closest to her.  He turns his head in response, smiling in his sleep.  Stifling a giggle, she runs her finger down his neck and across his shoulder blades before tickling the hair on his chest.  The muscles in his stomach clench in response, and he turns toward her with a deep sigh, his eyes still closed.

Raising one eyebrow, she appraises him.  Is he still asleep, or is he playing possum?  She leans forward and gives him a gentle kiss, which he barely returns.  Hmmm…how to wake him?

Smiling slowly, she pulls her head under the covers, and she continues to kiss him lightly over his neck, his shoulder, his chest. His breathing increases, and he moans softly but doesn’t move.  She kisses his belly and dips her tongue into his belly button for just a second.  He quickly sucks in his stomach in response.  However, the rest of his body remains still.

And then…there he is.  Telling her good morning in that erect way.  She can’t resist kissing the tip and gauging his response.  He sucks in his breath. Placing her hand on his right hip, she wraps her lips around him and slowly slide all the way down.  This time his moan is a bit louder.  She repeats the process, sliding up and down, gradually increasing her rhythm until he begins to stir, and then slowing down again.  After all, she still has at least 20 minutes.  She whirls her tongue around him and presses, feeling his thigh muscle flex.  Then she sucks harder, moving faster, enjoying the under-the-cover play.

Until a hand grabs a fistful of the hair on the back of her head.  She freezes for a moment, and in response the hand begins to move her again.  Up and down, up and down, while his hips move in tandem.  Now she becomes greedy, reveling in waking him up in such a creative way.  Her own body responds, and she hums as she works him over, his hand guiding her every move.

She feels a pull on her hair, and his other hands snakes down to lift her under her left arm.  Pulling her up, he pushes her onto her back and rolls on top of her.

“You wanted me awake, did you?” He says, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Yes,” she exhales, wide-eyed.

“Yes ma’am,” he grins, and then slides into her.  He pins her hands to the mattress and rotates his hips, causing her hips to rise off the bed.  He rotates the other way for good measure before establishing an easy rhythm.  They kiss, they giggle, and he continues to move.  Then he released her hands, and he places one big palm under her left cheek, followed by the other, lifting her backside just slightly before beginning to pound, taking the play up a notch.

Now their breathing is ragged, and while she had allowed her eyes to flutter shut, she holds his gaze, just as he would expect her to do.  He face heats, and her body tightens, and she sees his eyes dilate and his jaw become tight.  She begins to whimper, and his face reddens.  He nods, and her cries mingle with his moan as they hurtle over the edge.  After seeming to freeze in midair, they both go limp in each other’s arms.

Minutes pass, and then he lifts his head and fingers her damp hair.

“Good morning.”


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