Perhaps a Friend


What did she need to help her mend?

A lover? No…perhaps a friend.

A heart with whom she shares her loss,

Who holds her hand and helps her cross

This bridge of change, from pain to hope,

(And maybe the occasional grope 🙂 )

Who helps her set her bound heart free,

A friend, a rough and tender he.

And maybe, while he helps her through,

She’ll find that she can help him too.

So now her unconvention ends,

And blushing, she waits for a friend.


5 thoughts on “Perhaps a Friend

  1. Love this. Just got off the phone with Her. First time since The Terrible. It wasn’t intimate but at least we are talking. This poem is the first thing I read after. It breaks my heart, in a good way. Thank you.

      • They will – either we will reconcile or we’ll finish it and move on to love other people. Either way, Abundance always provides. I’m not in agony, but I don’t like the limbo. It would be easier if she had just said “we’re done” and then I would have cried, put on my big girl panties and started dating.

        Instead we’re in the no-man’s land of “talking.” I guess I’m free to date, but it would end things and I don’t want things to end unless they are over. She isn’t sure we’re over.

        So there we go.

        What’s your love story, Litterally?

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