Conversation between man and son at a restaurant:

Son: Why do they call it secret sauce?

Dad: Because you don’t know what’s in it

Son: But if I put it on there it’s not a secret

Dad: It is if you don’t know it’s in there

Son: But I put it on, so I do know it’s there

Dad: Then it’s not a secret

Son: (after a pause) Why do you always get the same thing as me?

Dad: It tastes good

Son: But you’re copying me

Dad: Maybe you’re copying me.  I’m older

Son: No you’re not

Dad: I’m not? I’m your Dad

Son: My birthday is before yours

Dad: I guess you’re right then

At this point….I had to chuckle.  This meant they knew I was listening.  But it was worth it. 🙂


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