She Mattered

I love this. I love that people love like this

Fictional Kevin

She Mattered

The divorce was painful. She was his first love and she ended him, ended them, with betrayal.

He did what he always did: Recouped and made a new plan. He studied how to make himself irresistible. He planned the exact words to say, where to place his hands, how to seduce.

And it worked.

The dozens of women he dated were, to him, mice and he was the cat. He played with them and when he tired of them he left their carcasses under a piece of furniture. He didn’t like what that made him, or what he did to them, and now he cringed at the thought. But he craved the attention.

Then he met her.

She was beautiful and smart and funny and…unpredictable. He read people – that’s also what he did – but somehow her mind was elusive. Trying to understand her thoughts was listening to a…

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2 thoughts on “She Mattered

  1. Thank you. Thank you so much. The repost is nice, but your comment was meaningful and touching. It was a weird weekend: We took the weekend to be together once more, knowing it could, probably would, be our last. We talked and fell more deeply in love. Only to end it anyway.

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