Imperatives of a Broken Heart

Interesting to read a man’s perspective. Maybe I’ll go for a run later….

The Adventures of Real World Girl

Wake up.  Try to clear the fog of fatigue.  Check the space next to you.  See that it is empty.  Turn away quickly.  Pretend it’s all a terrible dream.  Look out the window for distraction.  Find nothing that can soothe your soul. Sigh loudly out of exasperation.  Roll onto your side.  Pull the comforter over your head.  Fight the urge to stay in bed until you’re dead.  Lay cloaked in darkness, too afraid to see the light.  Listen to the sounds of the house.  Hold onto the pitiful hope that she might have somehow made it here last night.

Be very disappointed and go about your day.  Realize that it is the beginning of the weekend.  Groan dramatically.  Try to crush your eyes with your forearm.  Keep them shut tight and battle with the tears that are threatening to escape.  Pinch your nose to push the pressure away.  Harden your…

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