A Post About Nothing

I am a fan of Seinfeld.  I still love to watch reruns.  But the whole show about nothing is one of my favorites.

This is a post about nothing.  Oh, there are lots of somethings in my head.  My fingers are full of somethings.  But there are times when the somethings need to be kept under wraps for one’s own protection and survival, so to speak.  And yet I still have the irresistible urge to write, to pour out words on the page until my fingers run dry.  However, I cannot write about something.  Writing about something is too heavy, to futile, too precarious, filled with too many ramifications and outcomes I cannot yet look at square in the face.

And so I’ll write a post about nothing.  It shouldn’t be hard.  People talk about nothing all the time.  They make a big deal over nothing, worry about nothing, and get upset about nothing.  The open the pantry and declare there is nothing to eat (my kids’ personal favorite when they were growing up….while starting at a near-full pantry).  They do nothing, feel nothing.  I heard a comedian one time talk about a man;s ability to think nothing.  “What are you thinking about, honey?”  “Nothing.”  According to the comedian, this is actually possible…which I cannot comprehend.

People claim nothing is wrong while they pout, people flip the remote, complaining that there is nothing on television.  “What was that noise?”  Someone sits up and asks in the middle of the night.  “Go back to sleep.  It’s nothing.”  And six months later Zack Bagans is flexing his muscles on your doorstep looking for ghosts.  In The Sound of Music, Maria and Captain von Trapp sing “Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could…”

So there you have it, a post about nothing.  Know what I’m going to do for the rest of the evening?

Probably nothing.  Oh wait, it’s Monday.  That means Criminal Minds marathon on Ion television.  And Shemar Moore is definitely not nothing 🙂


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