Who Ya Gonna Call

Is it just me?  Or are there more ghost hunters on television now than there are Real Housewives?

Every time I turn on the television, especially on the weekends, there’s someone chasing ghosts, holding up strange devices, and hearing things in static that I cannot hear at all.  You’ve got the guy with gelled hair who wears black and flexes his muscles a lot.  You’ve got the group of redneck friends who try to catch ghosts in some contraption they built.  You’ve got the psychics and police officers.  You’ve got the plumbers who moonlight unclogging the paranormal.

I’m confused.  The EVP’s, EMF’s, MSG…no wait, that’s haunted Chinese food.  Shadow people, dark figure, red eyes, orbs, mists.  I never knew that dust in front of my camera were the remnants of Great Aunt Judy.  I feel kind of bad now that I ignored her.

Now, I’m really not trying to be disparaging.  I have seen things I cannot explain (though I confess many of those were inside one of my children’s diapers).  I mean, William Hung came out with at least 2 CD’s.  If that isn’t paranormal I don’t know what is.  And then there’s George Hamilton’s tan.  But I am amazed at the sheer number of shows dedicated to hearing voices and seeing transparent Civil War heroes.

Why can’t they just call Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd to fix it????


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