Torch Singer

So when people in my house go places I like to shuffle through the female artists on my iPod and sing whatever comes up.  That means I could be singing Katy Perry, or Defying Gravity, or Ella, or Lady Gaga, or Mandisa, or the Pussycat Dolls…

Or Sade

Now, the age of Torch Singers has passed, but if they were still “a thing,” Sade would have to be one.  That low, molasses, slidey, inherently sexy thing.  I like to sing along with her in solitude because there’s no way I can match her tone.  So when this song popped up, I went to my “wearing a slinky dress and draped over a piano” place and belted.

My dog was not appreciative, but then again she barks at cars and eats cat poop…..


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