Why Hugh Laurie is so Freaking Awesome I Feel Like a Beatles Fan Thinking About Him

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

So on my Facebook Feed today I saw that Hugh Laurie is going to become a main character on Veep.  I have never seen Veep, nor do I even know what network shows it.  However, I will be watching it.  Because Hugh Laurie.

I first noticed Hugh Laurie hiding behind a newspaper in the Movie Sense and Sensibilitywhich as a disgusting fairy tale believing hopeless romantic, I consider to be one of the best movies ever made ever.  Oh my God he was just devastating in his dry tolerance of his yippy wife.  And when he offered to stay behind when Marianne was sick and showed some emotion,…sigh.

Okay, snap out of it.  I also saw him on youtube a few times in clips with Stephen Fry.  I thought Stephen Fry was great when I saw him in something, so I looked him up, and whaddaya know?  I got Hugh Laurie as a bonus!  British humor makes me laugh.  Perhaps it is because my mother was a hamster and my father….nah, nevermind.

Then of course there is House.  Or was House.  It’s over now and I was sad.  That character gave me way more D/s fantasies than badly written Christian Grey ever could.  Canes over crops any day bwahahaha.  But really, character aside, the man is ridiculously talented and exceedingly rewarding to look at for prolonged periods.



Then I find out the man plays piano, guitar (who knows what else) and sings JAZZ.  Jazz and blues of all things.  He channels the Spirit of New Orleans, Handy, Coltrane, and Monk.  In my next life I hope Karma allows me to sing “Someone to Watch Over Me” or “Who Can I Turn To” with Hugh Laurie as my accompanist.

So I do feel slight guilt because I know he is happily married.  But I managed to go through all of the 1970’s AND 1980’s without a single Sean Cassidy, David Cassidy, Kirk Cameron, Leif Garret, or Ralph Macchio poster on my wall.  I am allowed to fantasize about a celebrity as long as I do not go into restraining order, send a lock of hair, territory.  And I like my hair.  Only way Hugh is gettin’ any is if he pulls it…wait, what were we talking about again?


Oh yeah….THIS

I’ve got the CD, and it’s on my iPod.  I’d go see him in concert if he came within driving distance and I could take Xanax first and get a backstage pass so I could babble like an idiot and then pass out when he shook my hand.  Okay, I wouldn’t pass out; I’d take the opportunity and yank his hand until he fell into a hug.  Just being honest.

So I guess I’ll be figuring out which network shows Veep now.  The rest of my family has already told me they do not wish to partake in my obsession.  But hey, I manged to watch House every Monday, so I an certain I will prevail, even if I am relegated to the bedroom TV.

Actually, Hugh Laurie in my bedroom might not be too bad.

If I type Hugh Laurie enough times maybe this post will soar to the top of some special spy celebrity SEO list and he’ll call and ask me to dinner.  My number is 867-5309……


5 thoughts on “Why Hugh Laurie is so Freaking Awesome I Feel Like a Beatles Fan Thinking About Him

  1. now this is what I call a fan sister, or sister fan…I feel every bit like you described….very well emoted!!!

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