For Leah


Hello Angel in the clouds

I have never seen

Here, so close to Mother;s day,

I ponder might-have-been.


I believe that once we start

We all then have a soul

And those souls go to Heaven

Whether unborn or old.


It may seem silly now to some

To often think of you

This short-termed part of him and me

That I never knew


But even with my other loves

From before the test

Something in me knew they were

So why should you be less?


I never fully understood

My two, dear, lifelong friends

Who always said there’s different grief

When an unmet life ends.


I think of you and one dear friend

Who is with you there

I miss her too, she’s such a jewel

You two would make a pair.


You can tell her I said “hi”

And show her your new wings.

She can make you cake from scratch

And teach you how to sing.


Your daddy, he is still my friend

And for that I am glad.

He called you one of his children

One of two he’s had.


You’ll be my last, I’m sad to say

But I will still have joy

Oh, and I apologize

If you were actually a boy 🙂


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