The End of Hello

Fairhope Pier_small

The end of hello, the final farewell
And now longing for the ending of hell.
While moonlight’s haze shown, the world was a smile,
But harsh, final daylight is bitter as bile.
A sensory overload, stealing the breath,
A last grasp of life that brought about death.
The pounding of heartbeat while slowly inhale,
Attempting at calmness but dooming to fail.
The memories hazy and sharp and surreal,
That magnify every emotion to feel.
Refusing regret but unable to joy,
The end of a girl, the end of a boy
The end of a woman, the end of a man.
But life will keep moving,if only it can.
Like heroin’s writhing of withdrawal’s pain,
The craving must die to start living again.
The turning of loving for just on smile more.
The turn of the key and the lock of the door.
The unfelt life blessing of honor’ble end.
The end of the loving takes with it the friend.
The past is a mine field where sly daisies grow.
Don’t visit the garden, don’t let the weeds grow.
But look forward in moments one by slow one.
And scatter the thought until there’s not a one.
The end of hello marks the start and the shove
Of an unwilling heart to the ending of love.


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