When Silly Trumps Sadness


How did he know?

There’s the maudlin sadness, the self-recrimination that comes from too much thinking. From looking too long into the sad parts. She ponders too much and paints the memories that are colorful with a dark regret. And she wonders if she is worthy, if she was crazy, if she can survive. And she wraps herself in a paralyzing cloak of darkness.

Then a light response. A shake of the head and a smile. “I think you are being silly. Of course you are magnificent.”

And that is all it takes. No logic, no dissection of how and why her feelings are wrong or invalid. No delving into what might be off balance and how she needs to fix it and pushing her off alone. No scolding her for being too sad or not trusting enough. And no helping her wallow either.

Just a light remark. A smiling reminder, a funny phrase.

And she realizes she has analyzed the molehill into a mountain, and made happy memories morose.

And she stops, smiles, and leaves the weight behind.

There’s a lesson in that. Sometimes silliness trumps sadness. Especially when we choose to let it.


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