I wonder

unclassified - waiting

I wonder what she would have looked like.
Would her hair have been brown or blond? Thick or thin? Curly or straight?
She would have been tall. And her eyes would have been beautiful.
Would she have had small feet or big feet lol?

I wonder how he would have grown.
Would he have been athletic, handy, techie, creative?
Who would his laugh have sounded like?
I bet his feet would have been big (smile).
He’d have been all legs.

Would she have had a quick wit and a love of music? Would she have learned to shoot straight and cook squirrel?
Would he have been able to sing?
I bet they would have followed their big sister around everywhere.
The big blue truck would have needed a back seat
Or would they have even sat in it?

I’d like to hope so.
I’d like to dream so.

It’s a blessing.

But it sure does hurt to miss someone you never met.


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