I will Not Ask For Freedom

I will not ask for freedom
As the hungry ask for bread.
For kind and loving masters
See they are already fed.

And for the key I’ll not request
Unlock the heavy door.
For pride constructed every wall
And fear provides the floor.

The ropes that bind are strong
But neither made of love nor wealth.
And subtle promises prevent
Me rending them myself.

The need to win the battle
Has forged each and every bar.
And never mind the pain I feel;
Stay blinded to the scar.

‘Tis best to keep the bird’s wing clipped
Within a gilded cell.
Than let it fly or see the sun,
consigned instead to hell.

The castle tower decorated
Cannot still disguise
The slowly dying soul that one
Is coming to despise.

So I will not request reprieve
Or ask the doors undone.
Nor will this flower dare to hope
For rain or sky or sun.

Instead I’ll hope the blinded guard
Will someday take the key.
And chose to place it in the latch.
And set this sparrow free.


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