Stories in the Sand: Grains of character information

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Stories in the Sand…..grains of character development

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the characters found in Stories in the Sand

Maggie Callahan: Maggie is a prostitute employed at Miss Kate’s brothel in 1890. She discovers in the late fall that she is pregnant, and she wants to start a new life before she becomes a mother.

Joseph: A kind older man, married to Elizabeth. He meets Maggie on a train ride.

Jesse: Maggie’s son, who grows up to be an itinerate preacher. At the age of 34, he returns to Decatur, where he was conceived, in order to share the Good News.

Eliza: An unhappily married woman caught up in the world of speakeasies and adultery.

Richard: Eliza’s husband, married under protest after being pressured by his older brother to do so.

John Robert: Richard’s older brother, whose political aspirations, social standing, and quest for power direct most of his choices

Eddie: Eliza’s lover and owner of a local speakeasy

Geraldine: local church pillar, head of the temperance society, and Eliza’s mother-in-law

Cranston: a small, weasel of a man who is John Robert’s sycophant. Usually accompanied by Memphis Joe, who is quieter, larger, and much more dangerous

There are, of course, other characters who come and go and affect the lives of the central characters – Maggie, Jesse, and Eliza. However, the above players make choices that have a lasting impact on each other’s’ lives and the town as a whole.


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