Nano Nano (If you get that reference, you’re gloriously old)

So I guess I’m doing it this year. And heading in a different direction than the usual:


Thanks to a nice ghost walk last evening, I shifted gears and decided not to make it so modern after all. Maggie begins the story in 1886 in the upstairs rooms of a brothel on Bank Street. Her son, Jesse, continues the story 37 years later when he returns to Bank Street as an itinerate preacher. The brothel is gone, but new forms of corruption have sprung up under the weight of Prohibition. He hopes to change lives, but his methods are somewhat unorthodox. The local and very strict church may not be impressed with his mode of spreading the gospel, but he has managed to capture the attention of Eliza. The big question is, will his message make a difference in her life before John Robert, her image-conscious brother-in-law, takes the matter of her wrong choices into his own hands?

If you want a bit more of a peek into the story, Just read John 8:1-11.