Slow Climb



So it’s November 6th, and I am already behind in writing my Nano-novel.  When I joined Nanowrimo, I had a new business with no clients and 15 hours a week as a virtual assistant.  50,000 words would be a breeze. Then, during the last two weeks of October, I acquired more business…and then some more.  Not that I am complaining.  It is easier to write with food, shelter, and clothing.  But it is November 6th, and by now I should have 10,000 words written.  I do not.


I am not quitting.  I have a “thing” about deadlines and being perfect.  This will be good for me.  I’m the woman who does. not.cheat. on her diet…until she does.  And then because it caused her to gain a pound she wants to throw up her hands.  I took piano lessons and was fairly gifted for my age, but then the really hard music came out….

I am going to finish this.  Because I can, and because it is a really great story, and because it is less stressful than digging up that old Chopin book, especially since I don;t have a piano handy.

Besides, I cheated on my diet on Halloween, and I didn’t give up.  I’m on a roll.


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