Truck Driving Mathematical Equation


Today’s mathematic lesson is a lesson in truck during relative to speed depending upon a series of independent variables.

If we take the speed limit as a base, we can assign the following values to each variable:


Dodge deduct 0 mph

Chevrolet deduct 1 mph

Ford deduct 2 mph

Nissan deduct 3 mph

For each model year prior to 2000, deduct 0.5 mph

If windows are open deduct 2 mph

If truck is red deduct 3 mph

If driver is wearing a cap deduct 3 mph

Using the above information, solve the following word problem….

If the speed limit is 55, how fast will a red 1998 Nissan truck with the windows open and a cap wearing driver be traveling?


Answer – slowly enough to make my eye twitch.