The Second Half Will Be Full Too

Not Everyone Peaks in thier Twenties

The commercial linked above struck me this morning. I think it struck me because I believe it. Or because I like stories with a positive angle.

Or it could be because I am now 45 years old.

I am a 45 year old woman in 2013. I am not dead, I am not decrepit, I am not ready to “take my ease” or count my pills. And if science is correct and we are living longer than ever, then I have only begun the phase called “mid-life.” And mid and end are not synonymous.

I am also stubborn. I don’t want to count my aches. Are there sometimes more than there were at 25? Yes… what? I also have more experience, more confidence, and – I hope – more wisdom. Surely that is some sort of pay-off for occasionally hearing a crack when I get up off the floor. I don’t believe that my job now is to allow the “downhill slide” to run its course. I don’t want to be like those who attribute every pessimistic thought or lazy moment to the phrase, “Well, you know, I’m getting old now.” I am not “getting old,” I am grown up. The glass of my life is half full….that doesn’t mean I don’t want to fill it up the rest of the way. I want my life to be all full.

I want to be like my parents, who – at 70 and 78 – are defined by what they can do and not what they cannot. They deal rather than dwell. They go rather than give up. Do they sometimes go a little more slowly? Sure. Who cares? When you go slowly you can drink in the view.

I have places to move, people to meet, a career to accomplish, books to write, children to finish raising and marry off one day. I have walks to take and things to lift, and songs to sing and shoes to buy. I have thousands and thousands of sunrises and dinners and work days and, yes, exciting things as yet undiscovered to do.

So no….I didn’t peak in my 20′s or my 30′s. And I do not plan to peak in my 40′s either – I, for one, am choosing to continue to climb. Save my rocking chair. I’ll need it on about 40 years.