I do not share specifics of my life in this blog. Privacy is important to me overall (a bit of a
contradiction, I know). However, it would probably not be too revealing to say that more than
one of my offspring resides with me, and at least one of them is old enough to have noticed….the
opposite sex.

She is not giddy or giggly by nature. She is quick and clever and does not suffer fools gladly.
I admit this is a relief to me because she is also beautiful. I never hear her speak of “hot guys’
or “cute butts,” and thankfully the word “yummy” is reserved for food and not for boys.

So I was listening carefully when she spared more than a passing sentence for a boy who was
a little older than she is, who attends her school. She was seemingly casual, but a mother’s
intuition sensed more.

Then she made this statement…

“He fascinates me. He is intriguing.”

On the outside I chuckled and shook my head, smiling as she said “Whaaat???” in that young
lady voice.

On the inside I silently moaned, “Oh God, no…it’s genetic.”

I hope she forgives me.



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