Three’s a Crowd


I tend to be a bit ADD in my writing; I like to have several works in progress at once.  It helps with boredom, writer’s block, frustration, and the like.  I do the same thing when I clean house, plan lessons, do homework.  If I am tired of washing dishes, I can always tackle a load of laundry or sweep the entry-way.

The downside of this approach is that sometimes it seems as if nothing gets finished, which can be frustrating.  For example…..unfinished laundry that includes all of the good towels can be a problem.  I like a fluffy towel.  I mean, the old, smaller ones are fine for my hair turban, but I really need a good one to dry off with…….


I find myself wanting to finish some writing, or at least make some significant headway.  However, there are three works vying for my attention, and my preference seems to change each time I sit at my laptop.

The story work involves a sociopath named Eric.  He is an online predator who is unexpectedly “outed’ by one of his prey, an unlikely woman named Beth.  I have posted a snippet of this story, which takes place in a warehouse (at least some of it) on this blog.  I have just finished reading “The Sociopath Next Door,” so it seems a shame to waste all that research.

Then again, Josephine is already through puberty, judging by when I began her story, The Traveling Shoebox.  She is an eleven year old girl who goes to live with the father she has never met after her mother attempts suicide.  Her only connection to her mother is a shoebox filled with sketches and pictures.  I began her story in 2005, so technically she is 18 now.  It really is time she finished the sixth grade.

Finally, there is humor and sarcasm.  I love humor and sarcasm.  I still have a bit of a wish to be a stand up comedian.  And the nano-novel I began a couple of years ago, You Need Lipstick: Memoirs of a Southern Woman’s Daughter, could give me some much needed comic relief.  I mean, I have a brain tumor….I could use some chuckles, especially if I find out my hair is going to be shaved.  I really really like my hair…it is my one really sexy feature…sigh…..In this story, Martha Jane has to travel to plan her mother’s funeral after her mother is killed in a freak ball-washing accident on the 13th hole of the country club course.

I just don’t know which direction to head.  I could draw them out of a hat, but with only three slips of paper that seems less than climatic.  It really is a dilemma.  What to do, what to do.

So if anyone who has made it to the end of this blog post has an opinion, feel free to share it in the comments (no that isn’t shameless at all, it just looks that way in the blog funhouse mirror).  Maybe I’ll thank you in the forward after Random House clamors to publish it. Bwaha


3 thoughts on “Three’s a Crowd

  1. You Need Lipstick: Memoirs of a Southern Woman’s Daughter sounds like a riot and the world needs a good laugh right now. Pump your energy into that project. Not to be to “New Age” but you probably could use some positive energy (and even if it is snarky or sarcastic), I feel a lot of potential for a good emotional story with this one. That’s my vote.

  2. I like the sociopath next door, because I have one of and the shoe box one sounds great idea as a runner up

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