Questions, questions, left and right
Making me feel not too bright.
Where was this and how ‘bout that?
Makes my fragile heart go splat.
Pour myself into the task
Doing everything you ask
Still it isn’t good enough
Why do I go through this stuff?
Ask for help, then criticize,
Can’t you see it through my eyes?
Try to go the extra mile,
Still can’t seem to make you smile.
Ask me things that I don’t know,
Then refuse to let it go.
Wonder why I act so glum….
It’s because I feel so dumb.
Just a “thanks” or gentle kiss – 
Rather than all that I missed –
That would make my heart feel glad,
Instead of feeling kinda sad.
Maybe I don’t measure up
And I’ll never fill the cup.
I just need a single word,
Let me know that I’ve been heard.
Let me know you’re glad I’m here,
Then my failures I won’t fear.
Please, I need to know that I
Am good enough, so I won’t cry.


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