For Grace

In November of my 8th grade school year, my parents decided to visit a new church, and I found myself sitting by a girl named Grace in youth choir on a Sunday night.  She was friendly and funny, and we instantly clicked.  She became my best friend and was the closest person to a sister I had ever had.  At the end of November 2011 she passed away.  I will always miss her.

There are so many things
I remember about Grace
Singing duets in the car with Sandi Patti
Falling asleep praying
Talking about my first real boyfriend
(Bicycles still make me think of kisses)
Crying together when he died
Doing aerobics at 2:00 a.m.
Playing tennis badly in the summer
Cheese hot dogs
What in the world ARE space pandas??
Haystacks…..I think of her every time I make them
Magnolia Jane and Celeste, the silliest alter egos ever created
Crying when she left for college
Rescuing her on her first date will “Mr. Grace” –
Only to be shoo’ed back out of the house because he turned out to be pretty awesome after all
Realizing with glee that Shelbyville was RIGHT NEXT TO Tullahoma

Michael W. Smith was right….
Friends really are friends forever when the Lord’s the Lord of them.


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