getting emotional about emotional IQ

Today I have been researching Emotional IQ/Intelligence and looking at the types of tests and quizzes that are out there.  There are many…everything from five question “fun” tests to the more scientifically based inventories that must be administered.  I took a few free ones.  What can I say, when I was very young my mother used to practice on us when she was training to be a psychometrist.  I like taking tests.

This first one I took can be found here.

It has quite a few questions, and it took me a little while to take it.  So I admit that I was a bit annoyed when all I got was a percentage at the end.  In order to see the breakdown I must buy the results.  however, in light of this exploration, I might just do that.  Oh, and my percentage is 88%, so I have good room for improvement.

Another aspect of this exploration is the link that has been mentioned in some articles between personality type and innate emotional intelligence.  I am of the opinion that emotional intelligence can be learned.  Like other skills, talents, and aptitudes, however, we all may possess differing innate ability/instinct.  As I mentioned in my last post, I was a rather awkward, deep-thinking, poetry writing, non-athletic, little girl.  I had to learn some of those social skills and cues that seemed to come naturally to some of my classmates.  Of course, part of the success came from the fact that I WANTED to learn….but that topic is for another post another day.

This is an online test based somewhat on the Jung and Myers-Briggs personality tests.  it gives you the four-letter breakdown.

To provoke a little thought, take a look at the different types and their descriptions.  Which ones do you think have an easier or more difficult time with emotional intelligence and social cues?  That does NOT mean one type is better than another. I could just as easily ask which type might be more organized….and trust me, it wouldn’t be mine! 🙂


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