“thou shalt be neither debu-trash nor a debu-tank.”

The above quote comes from a book I purchased less than an hour ago from a wonderful little book and coffee shop. The book is entitled “The Debs” and was written by Susan McBride. I needed some inspiration, a bit of writing spunk, and going to a real live bookstore always does that for me. Not a bookstore supermarket, but a bookstore with mismatched shelves and antiques and local authors’ signed copies everywhere.

I knew as soon as I saw the only copy of this book on a book stand I had found what I was looking for, and when I read that quote……the emotions began to swirl. And I knew that I had found an amusing source of creativity to propel me into work on “You Need Lipstick,” the novel that has been bouncing around my brain and laptop for over a year.

Now, when I was the age of the opening character, I would never have had to worry about such a phrase. I had been steeped in and wrapped with ladylike graces from toddler-hood, my grammar corrected, my posture encouraged, many legs primly crossed. The only trash in my vocabulary was that which went into the plastic bag inside the color coordinated can in the kitchen….and it was more often affectionately called “garbaaaahge,” with a French accent. And When I graduated from high school I was 5’9″ and weighed 120 pounds. I was neither trash nor tank.

I like to think that in spite of the fact that I have been known to wear t-shirts and a ponytail to Wal Mart and the fact that when I was hugely pregnant with my second child we had the audacity to eat Christmas dinner off of paper plates, that I am still not trash. I am, however, tank. Yes, it’s true. I have wandered into the morally murky waters that are Lane Bryant and jeans with a “W” out beside the size number. Bless my little old heart 9and my big old….ahem, derrier).

So yes, the first few pages of this book had my emotions tingling, but then the inspiration started humming……

By the way, is there an actual sorority called Phi Omicron Alpha? I need a fictitious one. Don’t want any real life debs coming after me!


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